US Democratic Party association arrives in Taiwan

The foreign ministry on Monday welcomed a group from the United States' Democratic Party, which is in Taiwan on a week-long trip. The eight-person delegation from the Association of State Democratic Chairs arrived in Taiwan on Sunday at the invitation of Taiwan's government.

The foreign ministry says that the delegation is here to get a better understanding of Taiwan's foreign relations, democracy, economy, education, and public health. The group is also interested in cross-strait relations and the national universal health insurance program.

During the trip, the delegation will visit various government ministries, the main political parties, and several local schools. They will also travel to the National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, and Sun Moon Lake.

The foreign ministry says that the Association of State Democratic Chairs has long had strong and friendly ties with Taiwan and has been proactive in offering assistance. Members of the association were also instrumental last year in inserting language that's friendly to Taiwan into the Democratic Party platform.

The foreign ministry thanked the association for its support and friendship through the years.

Source: Radio Taiwan International