US office serves Taiwan’s ‘Asia Silicon Valley’ dream

An office in San Francisco set up by the National Development Council plays a key role in the government's plans to make Taiwan Asia's Silicon Valley. That's according to the council's deputy head Kung Ming-hsin in an interview on Tuesday.

The Asia's Silicon Valley plan focuses on Taiwan's development of the Internet of Things industry. Kung said the project has a main office in Taoyuan and a branch in Taipei. But it is the San Francisco office that has the key role in scouting and reaching out to California's tech scene.

The office thus plays a coordinating role in linking innovation talent and investment, while also serving Taiwan's trade interests. Kung called it a one-stop shop for contact and investment between Silicon Valley and Taiwanese companies.

Kung said however that the government could be more proactive in investment. He cited the case of an innovative company set up by Taiwanese and Indian students which fell through because Taiwan's government was too slow. Opportunities do not wait, in the fast-moving tech sector, Kung said.

Source: Radio Taiwan International