US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference opens in Virginia

The 2016 US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference kicked off on Sunday in Williamsburg, Virginia in the United States. The president of the US-Taiwan Business Council, Rupert Hammond-Chambers, said the focus of the conference will be how Taiwan can equip itself with more fighter jets and submarines. He also said that the meeting will cover how the defense industries of the US and Taiwan can work more efficiently together.

Taiwan has a 172-member delegation at the conference, including more than 50 businesspeople from 30 Taiwanese companies in the defense industry. Deputy Defense Minister Lee Hsi-min is set to give a speech on Tuesday, the final day of the conference.

The US has about 100 representatives from both industry and think tanks at the conference. The American Institute in Taiwan’s (AIT) incoming chairman, James Moriarty, and the new managing director, John Norris, are also there to meet with the Taiwan delegation.

AIT is the de facto US embassy in Taiwan in the absence of official diplomatic ties.

Source: Radio Taiwan International