Vietnamese media touts Taichung tourist attractions

Vietnamese e-newspaper VN Express on Tuesday published a special report about eight tourist attractions in the city of Taichung in central Taiwan. This is a reflection of the Taiwan government's New Southbound policy. The policy aims to promote closer cultural and economic ties with Southeast Asian countries, as well as India, Australia and New Zealand.

The report started with the Fengjia night market. It said tourists can taste every local specialty, in particular soup dumplings.

The article also reported on the Lishan Scenic Area, whose attractions include flower blossoms, fruit picking, the autumn foliage and the winter snow that caps the mountains.

VN Express introduced local cherry blossoms as well. It said March and April are the blooming months and that cherry blossom festivals are held there every year.

The article also mentioned one of Taiwan's best French restaurants, Le Mout. The restaurant was rated as one of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants in 2016. Lastly, the report listed other must see places including the National Taichung Theater, the Gaomei Wetlands, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and the Rainbow Village.

Source: Radio Taiwan International