Vietnamese worker sentenced to 7 years over death of compatriot

Taipei, A Vietnamese migrant worker has been sentenced to seven years and two months in prison for causing the death of a compatriot in 2017, according to a document issued by the Taiwan Changhua District Court on Wednesday.

The convicted man, identified only by the surname Ninh, did not use any weapons with an intention to kill but he caused injuries to fellow factory worker Pham Vanpho that resulted in death, the court said.

In the incident on April 2, 2017, the two men got into a brawl over the cleaning of the dorms at a factory in Changhua County, which later resulted in Pham's death due to central nervous system shock and respiratory failure caused by severe brain injuries, according to the court.

It said Ninh had toppled Pham, beat him about the head with his fists, and kicked him several times in the stomach.

However, the court said, in consideration of the fact that Ninh did not use any weapons against Pham, the defendant was convicted of causing injuries that resulted in death and was sentenced to seven years and two months in prison.

The case can still be appealed.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel