Visa issues to keep KMT chairman from visiting Thailand

Taipei-Wu Den-yih, the chairman of the opposition Kuomintang (KMT), will not be visiting Thailand on his upcoming trip to Southeast Asia because he was unable to get a visa, according to a party official on Friday.

On the eve of Wu's departure for the Philippines, Lee Ming-hsien (???), director of the KMT's Culture and Communications Committee, said Wu will only be visiting the Philippines instead of both the Philippines and Thailand as was previously scheduled.

According to Lee, Wu applied for a visa to Thailand two weeks ago but never received a response to his visa request.

The trip has therefore been cut short from seven days to five days, with Wu only visiting the Philippines for KMT and overseas community-related duties.

KMT spokesman Huang Chien-hao (???) first announced Wu's trip on Wednesday, saying the KMT chairman would be visiting the Philippines for the 123rd anniversary of the founding of the KMT.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel