Visitors flock to ‘octopus’ mailboxes in Kaohsiung

Taipei--Two mailboxes adorned with ceramic figures in the shape of octopuses have been attracting attention in the fishing village of Keziliao in Kaohsiung.

Keziliao in the city's Ziguan District is known for its seafood, in particular mullet roe, narrow-barred Spanish mackerel, squid and milkfish.

One group of visitors said the mailboxes were "kawaii," which means "cute" or "lovely" in Japanese. Chunghwa Post, which installed the mailboxes at a newly relocated post office near Keziliao Harbor, decided to decorate them with octopuses to reflect the characteristics of the fishing village.

The octopus mailboxes have become a popular attraction for children in particular who flock there to pose for photos.

In front of the post office itself, there is another ceramic figure depicting a postman pointing at the entrance, which has also become a tourist attraction.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel