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The rivers and coasts are the most beautiful ecological blue belts in Taiwan. When the flood control and flood control projects are carried out by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the water resources are designed to fully consider the landscape, culture and characteristics of the surrounding waters, creating an ecologically diverse green and hydrophilic environment. . Let's go "water play" together during the Spring Festival holiday!

"The coastal environment of Hualien City creates a new attraction for the rest of the waters."

The Huanren Seawall is an important seawall in Ji'an Township. It is the must-see for the two-way bicycle lanes that passengers love. Originally, it was only a large seascape and a wave block. Every time a typhoon day occurred, seawater intrusion or dike collapse occurred. The ninth river bureau of the Water Resources Department invested in the renovation work in 105 years, except for the construction of flood control structures based on the river management plan. The beautification of the seawall and the integration of local humanities elements into the design concept. After the completion of the Huanren Coast Environmental Improvement Project, the recreation space has been initially established. It has won the praise of the local people, picked up the people's hydrophilic memories, and created the people's view of the sea, rest and water, and became a new attraction for people in Hualien.

"The construction of the Houwan seawall environment and landscape creates an overall beautiful natural coastal environment." The

Back Bay coast of Pingtung has facilities such as fishing ports and Houwan seawall along the coast, which creates visual obstacles to the landscape and blocks the people's hydrophilic space. The Seventh River Bureau of the Water Resources Department changed the original concrete dyke to earth embankment to increase the visual beauty of the natural Tsuen Wan. The gentle slope slope was arranged on the front slope of the dyke and the artificial shoal was used to reduce the over-wave volume. In addition, the green belt was planted in front of the levee to cooperate with the gentle slope. The beach terrain of Tsuen Wan and the stone throwing area in front of the beach will increase the boundary between the sea area and the beach line, while maintaining a wide beach space, and taking into account the water vividness, plant living space and tourist water demand, creating ecological diversity habitat. The local environment also provides commentary cards and leisure facilities at appropriate locations, strengthens the educational interpretation function, and creates landscape features that combine leisure tourism with ecological education.

"The water environment on the left and right banks of the head is improved, and the coastline of Hsinchu is 17 kilometers."

Through the overall improvement of the environmental landscape of the Qianqian River and the high beach area, the water environment of the Xinzhutou Qianxi Lake will be constructed to create a high-quality green and beautiful space for the front of the river, and provide a space for people to enjoy recreation and shape the city of Hsinchu into water. The shore garden city enhances the overall development of the city and enhances people's living functions and enriches the benefits of ecological education. In addition, the 17-kilometer coastline of Hsinchu is integrated to promote the development of the local leisure industry, making the coast of Hsinchu an important natural landscape on the west coast of Taiwan, and showing the new look of the coast as a model for the West Coast environment.

"The environment of the Ang Nong River Charm River section has been improved, creating a river environment with safety, diversity and natural landscape."

Yilanan Nongxi has been rectified by the first river bureau of the Water Resources Department in recent years. It has become a popular tourist and activity activity in Yilan. The scenic spots, more widely because of the shores of the Annon River, are known as the "Feng Yusong's secret European atmosphere." Now the Annon River is popular among the people because of the green grass and beautiful scenery. The Annon Riverside is a popular choice for picnics and travel. Annongxi is a model and starting point for the prospective infrastructure design painting-water environment construction. The Water Resources Department will continue to combine the opinions of various localities and continue to promote the highlight project of the Annon River waterfront landscape, attract more tourists and achieve forward-looking infrastructure. The expected goal is to create a waterfront environment that combines the development of water, green living and industry.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C