Weather to turn cold and wet Saturday before warm Friday

Taipei--The weather has blown hot and cold so far this week and the pattern is expected to continue into the weekend, with temperatures starting to plunge Saturday after a warm a dry day Friday.

Rain fell in most parts of Taiwan and temperatures dropped early Thursday following a warm and pleasant Wednesday. In northern Taiwan, highs would be about 6 degrees Celsius lower than those of Wednesday, the Central Weather Bureau said.

On Friday, northeastern seasonal winds are expected to weaken, making for a pleasant day, when it could even feel hot in central and southern Taiwan under dry and stable weather conditions.

There could also be some sunshine in northern Taiwan Friday. The only areas where there might be occasional showers are mountainous areas in the north and the eastern half of Taiwan, according to the forecast.

Come Saturday, a continental cold air mass would begin to move in and temperatures in northern Taiwan will drop first, making it a cold and wet evening in the north.

From Sunday through Tuesday, March 28, the lows could drop to 12 or 13 degrees in northern Taiwan, 15 to 16 degrees in central, southern Taiwan and Hualien and Taitung Counties in the east, according to the forecast.

During those days, much rain is expected in areas to the north of Taichung and Yilan in northeastern Taiwan and daytime highs could stay below 20 degrees. Rain is also expected in other areas of Taiwan but there could be breaks in the bad weather.

Weather is expected to improve during the day next Tuesday and warmer conditions would likely last through Friday, March 31, the weather bureau said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel