Weather will be changeable this week after a warm start

Taipei--The start of the current workweek began with warm and dry conditions Monday but the Central Weather Bureau warned the weather throughout this week would be changeable, with a front moving in late in the day that will bring the temperatures down sharply in northern Taiwan.

On this day of spring equinox, when the day in the northern hemisphere is equally divided between daytime and nighttime, the weather around Taiwan would be cloudy to sunny with highs above 25 degrees Celsius and even 28 to 30 degrees in central and southern Taiwan.

But with a new weather front approaching and strengthening northeastern seasonal winds, temperatures could drop by as much as 7 degrees Tuesday in northern and northeastern Taiwan, where there might be some brief showers.

On Wednesday, the seasonal winds are expected to let up so the rain will taper off and the temperatures will go up.

From Thursday through Sunday, the weather in northern and eastern Taiwan is expected to turn cool again with some brief showers in the forecast. Showers will also be possible in southern Taiwan and the mountainous areas in central Taiwan.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel