Wistron to expand production in India for smaller iPhone assembly

New Delhi--Taiwan-based contract electronics maker Wistron Corp. (??) is preparing for expansion of its production base in India to produce the next-generation smaller iPhone -- the iPhone SE -- according to sources in the South Asian country.

The sources told CNA Thursday that Apple Inc. has set its sights on the growing Indian market by pushing for shipments of the smartphone model in a bid to double the iPhone's market share in the country over the next five years.

The sources said that Apple has signed up Wistron to assemble the new iPhone SEs after the Taiwanese firm started to produce the model in India in May, targeting markets around the world.

The sources said that the Taiwanese firm has prepared for adding a new iPhone SE production line in its plant located in Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka.

They said that Wistron is in talks with the Karnataka government for an extra piece of land for its production expansion, hoping it will double or even triple its production capacity over the next five years.

The plan for Wistron to expand its production site in India was disclosed by the sources after Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said in an investor conference held Aug. 1 that his company has committed more energy and money to growth in the Indian market.

Cook said that Apple is upbeat about the Indian market, expecting that India will become the next China.

According to the sources, Wistron is expected to start to ship the new iPhone SE -- which is expected to be more affordable than larger iPhones for many Indian consumers -- in the first quarter of next year.

The sources said that Wistron will ship to the Indian market first before providing the products to consumers in other markets.

Tekz24Tekz24, an India-based tech website, said that the new iPhone SE will look like its predecessor and will be equipped with the A10 processor, the iOS 11 operating system and a display of 4-4.2 inches. The new model will have 32GB and 128GB storage options, with a 1700mAh battery.

The sources said that the device will enjoy a 10 percent exemption in basic customs duty, making the product more competitive in the Indian market.

Two other Taiwanese contract electronics makers -- Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. (??) and Pegatron Corp. (??) are believed to be producing the larger models of the next-generation iPhones.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel