Xi expected to reinforce efforts to seek Taiwanese people’s hearts

Shanghai, Now that Chinese leader Xi Jinping's (???) presidency has been extended beyond 2023, Beijing is expected to increase its efforts to seek Taiwanese people's hearts, because this was the basis for Xi's Taiwan policy after he assumed office five years ago, according to a Chinese scholar.

"Seeking people's hearts" has been one of Xi's Taiwan policy features, and has even been put at the highest policy level, Li Mi (??), vice president of the Shanghai Institute for Public Relation Studies, said Sunday.

Now that presidential term limits have been canceled, allowing Xi to remain in power beyond the end of his second term in 2023, efforts to "seek (Taiwanese) people's hearts" and promote incentives that "benefit Taiwan" are expected to be increased.

Such efforts could be upgraded to the level of social integration, Li forecast.

For China, it is now less important whether or not Taiwan's political parties support unification of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

"The key point is if the Taiwanese people support it," Li said, noting that obtaining Taiwanese people's support for unification has been the major feature of Xi's Taiwan policy, unlike the policies of his predecessors.

On Sunday, China's rubber-stamp parliament approved constitutional changes to remove presidential term limits, allowing Xi to remain the country's president indefinitely.

Wu Yongping (???), deputy director of the Institute of Taiwan Studies at Tsinghua University in Beijing, said that if Xi continues in power beyond 2023, it will help carry through China's "strategic will toward Taiwan," and could accomplish the country's historic goal of unification.

Thanks to the constitutional changes and the extension of Xi's presidency, his Taiwan policy can be continued and carried out, helping him resolve the unification problem, Wu said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel