Young students are invited to extend the Forbidden City Amusement Park event in the Forbidden City to the end of July

In order to expand the cultural vision of young students and enhance the experience of aesthetic experience, the National Palace Museum specially held the Forbidden City AmusementStudent FUN Visiting the Northern Campus this year, and arranged all the schools across the Taiwan to visit the Forbidden City North Hospital, and for the transportation connection, the division Health insurance and accommodation subsidies give young students the opportunity to go to the Forbidden City to see the beauty of cultural relics, and use art to open their horizons and let art take root. The Forbidden City said that during the visit, the hospital designed six selected cultural relics theme routes according to different grades and subject areas, so that school teachers can provide children's cultural relics prior knowledge before they lead children to deepen their children's impressions. Improve learning motivation.

After the dean of the Forbidden City, Ms. Wu Micha, the first useruser friendly, not only required colleagues to provide differentiated services for different needs of different ethnic groups, but also emphasized the need to simplify the administrative process. School teachers only need to apply online. Through the review, the Forbidden City will take the initiative to arrange followup tour bus connection and insurance and other related matters, hoping to use the easiest way to avoid the complicated administrative procedures of official documents, and implement the friendly Forbidden City, so that teachers and students can come to the Forbidden City with happiness, peace of mind and peace of mind. Conduct an artistic cultural experience.

This King Palace Amusement project has 28 schools since the opening of the application, and more than 1,480 teachers and students have applied for registration, the farthest of which is the school in Wangan Township, Wuhu County. The Palace hopes that this project can alleviate the students from the island to the Forbidden City. The traffic burden of the visit allowed the students to temporarily leave the textbooks and classrooms and visit the rich courtyard of the Forbidden City to experience different learning pleasures. The longterm partner of the Forbidden City, Songshan Fengtian Palace, learned that the Forbidden City had freely arranged for the local students to visit the Taipei program. They also enthusiastically sponsored the Xiangke Building of Fengtian Palace to provide free accommodation for students from the south of Taichung, Hualien, Taitung and the Islands. To solve the problem of students returning to and from the boat on the same day, so that students can be more flexible in visiting the Forbidden City.

The Forbidden City pointed out that during this period of time, due to the application of the school, considering the complicated administrative affairs of the school during the summer vacation, the Palace announced today (15) that the application date will be extended until July 31. Welcome to the high school and below schools, and the online registration system will be conducted.

Source: National Palace Museum