Yunlin County brokers tangerine exports to China

Taipei, The first Yunlin county-brokered shipment of 40,000kg. of honey tangerines was to be exported to Chengdu, the capital of China's Sichuan province, Tuesday, Yunlin County Magistrate Chang Li-shan said that day.

Yunlin County Government held a sealing ceremony for the two containers at Yongchang Cooperative Farm in Gukeng Township

Chang, who took office after victory in the Nov. 24 local elections, said at the event that the new export channel to China marks a new milestone for agriculture in Yunlin, which she hopes will help boost the income of local farmers and fruit growers.

The rich soil in Yunlin makes it the perfect location to grow honey tangerines, she said.

The bright color, high quality and preservability of these wonderfully sweet honey tangerines make them very popular in Taiwan, Chang said.

The agricultural logistics distribution center established by Yunlin County farmers' association, will coordinate the expansion of agricultural exports, said the county magistrate.

A third China-bound container of honey tangerines will be sent after Lunar New Year, she added.

According to Yunlin County Agriculture Department chief Chang Hung-yu local tangerines have been exported to China before, but this is the first shipment brokered by Yunlin County.

The agricultural logistics distribution center expects to sign a long-term cooperation memorandum with Sichuan's agricultural produce marketing agency, said the county magistrate.

Located in the central-south area of western Taiwan, Yunlin is a top producer of honey tangerines.

With a planting area of 426 hectares, Yunlin honey tangerines account for 25% of national honey tangerine production, Chang Hung-yu said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel