Yunlin County promoting train travel in central Taiwan

Taipei--Yunlin County is promoting itineraries for people planning to visit the 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival and travel through central Taiwan by rail, as the annual lantern event prepares to open next week in the central-southern county.

This year's lantern festival will take place in two areas covering 50 hectares, with the main area in Huwei running Feb. 11-19 and the other in Beigang Feb. 7-19, according to the county government -- the host of the event.

In an effort to attract more people to travel in central Taiwan during the lantern festival, the county government, in collaboration with cities and counties in the central part of the country, has rolled out travel itineraries that involve people entering and leaving central Taiwan through Taichung Airport rather than via Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in the north of the country and to travel around the area using the railway and high speed rail systems.

The travel routes include an in-depth two-day trip to Huwei, Douliu, Beigang and Tuku to get a taste of local culture, arts and special delicacies and a one-day tour of tourist destinations near the lantern display areas in Huwei and Beigang.

The other is a two-day trip covering tourist attractions in Dounan, Douliu, Beigang, Siluo and Huwei.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel