Zhejiang Province makes bid to attract Taiwan talent

Hangzhou, China's Zhejiang Province has drafted 76 measures to appeal to young people and professionals from Taiwan, making it the Chinese province most focussed on attracting talent from Taiwan.

The authorities in the province announced the measures Sunday, as the first cross-Taiwan Strait youth development forum was being held in Hangzhou.

Over 500 youths, including 200 led by former Kuomintang Chairwoman Hung Hsiu-chu (???) from Taiwan, in her role as China Qingyan Peace Education Foundation chairperson, took part in the six-day event.

Hung said she hoped the event would serve as a platform for Taiwan's young people searching for more opportunities and as a channel to enhance communication between youth in Taiwan and China.

Zhejiang's 76 measures, the highest number by any local authority in China, cover five major areas -- 32 on investment and trade cooperation, 10 on technological renovation, 13 on start up businesses, nine on cultural exchanges and 12 related to living conditions.

Since Feb. 28, when China's Taiwan Affairs Office under the State Council, first announced 31 measures to attract Taiwanese, several local authorities have published their own measures.

On June 6, Fujian Province published 66 measures, while Shanghai and Xianmen City in Fujian Province announced their own 55 and 60 measures on June 1 and April 10, respectively.

In addition, Ningbo and Wenzhou cities in Zhejiang Province, where many Taiwanese businessmen are located, have published 80 and 24 measures to appeal to talent from Taiwan.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel