CWB revises forecast of possible tropical storm in Pacific

Taipei--A weather system near the Philippines might not develop into the ninth tropical storm of season over the next few days as forecast because the conditions are not right, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said Monday.

According to a CWB forecast a day earlier, there was a chance for a weather system east of the Philippines to develop into a tropical depression, with the possibility that it could strengthen into the ninth tropical storm of season.

However, the CWB's latest data shows that conditions are unfavorable for the system's development.

International weather stations have given mixed forecasts for the system, with weather stations in Europe and Japan forecasting that it will not develop into a tropical storm, while the U.S. station said there is a chance for it to upgrade into a tropical storm, the CWB said.

Currently, there are three tropical storms in waters near Taiwan, none of which are likely to affect the island, according to the CWB.

The CWB said that the weather will remain hot in Taiwan on Monday, with daytime highs hitting 37 degrees Celsius in the greater Taipei area, while highs in other areas could reach 33-36 degrees.

There is also the chance of occasional afternoon showers in mountainous areas of the country, with thunderstorms most likely in coastal areas of southern Taiwan and mountainous parts of northern Taiwan.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel