Dry cold weather forecast for Friday

Taipei, The weather around Taiwan is expected to remain cold Friday as a strong continental air mass lingers, but will turn drier, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said.

In the early hours of Friday, temperatures of 11-12 degrees Celsius were recorded in Yilan and areas from Tainan northward, while in the rest of the country the lows were 13-14 degrees, CWB data showed.

Temperatures were forecast to rise slightly to 13-15 degrees during the daytime in northern Taiwan and 17-19 degrees in central and eastern regions.

The weather in southern Taiwan will be more comfortable, with daytime highs of 21-22 degrees, the bureau said.

The continental air mass is expected to begin to weaken Sunday, giving way to warmer temperatures of 20 degrees in northern Taiwan and 25-30 degrees in the center and south, the CWB said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel