Ferret badger that bit people in Tainan test positive for rabies

Taipei--A ferret badger that bit two people in Tainan last Thursday has tested positive for rabies, the city's Animal Health Inspection and Prevention Office said Monday.

The office said the two people were bitten on their index fingers and toes in the city's Baihe District (???) and sent to the hospital to get rabies vaccines and immunoglobulin injections.

Tainan has had three cases of ferret badgers biting people this year, taking place in Nanhua (??), Guanmiao (??) and Baihe districts, respectively.

The people bitten in Nanhua were unable to bring the ferret badger that bit them in for tests, but the animals tested positive for rabies in two other districts.

Health officials have called for the public to be on guard and send their pets at home for regular vaccinations.

After being rabies-free for 52 years, Taiwan saw the virus resurface among ferret-badgers in 2013.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel