Former sports anchor Fu Da-ren ends life by assisted suicide

Taipei, Renowned Taiwan sports anchor Fu Da-ren (???), who has been suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer for two years, passed away in Switzerland Thursday afternoon Taipei time, after choosing to end his life by assisted suicide, according to family members. He was 85.

Facebook page posts from 4:00 p.m. Taipei time, showed Fu's son and close friends with him. Many FB friends left messages after seeing images of him hugging his loved ones for the last time.

Fu campaigned hard to have euthanasia legalized in Taiwan, saying he was ready to be the first to use such a provision. However, euthanasia remains illegal in Taiwan.

Late last year, Fu went to Switzerland to join a legal medical institution that offers assisted suicide, but delayed ending his life for personal reasons.

Late last month, Fu returned to Switzerland - this time with his family to complete his "last" mission in life.

During his final days, Fu frequently posted messages on his FB page discussing his views, saying that his only regret was that the trip cost NT$3 million.

A poll released after Fu's wish to seek euthanasia was publicized late last year showed 92 percent of respondents in Taiwan in favor of legalizing assisted suicide, 1 percent opposed, 6 percent unsure and 1 percent declined to answer.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel