MAC won’t rule out future trade cooperation with China

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) says it is not ruling out the possibility of future trade cooperation with China.

On Wednesday, Deputy MAC Minister Chiu Chui-cheng and officials from the National Defense Committee briefed the Legislature on the latest developments in regional trade pacts.

Since the future of the Trans Pacific Partnership is uncertain after the United States pulled out, some Asian countries may shift their focus to other trade pacts. Chiu said these countries might establish closer ties with Beijing, with its One Belt, One Road strategy that aims to link China with countries in Europe and Asia.

This might affect Taiwan's efforts to take part in regional economic integration. But he said that the MAC will continue to promote cross-strait talks and will not rule out possible economic collaboration with China in the future.

"[Our] New Southbound Policy and the One Belt, One Road strategy are two completely different models. When it comes to regional development, the two sides of the Taiwan Strait share common interests while presenting different advantages. We won't rule out the possibility of holding consolations and dialogue on potential cooperation at an appropriate time in the future," Chiu said. "[We believe the talks] could help promote the New Southbound Policy, improve cross-strait relations, and set a new example of regional cooperation."

Chiu also said that Taiwan and China's regional economic strategies focus on different elements, despite targeting some of the same partner countries. He said this difference will allow Taiwan to continue to build strong ties with its neighbors.

Source: Radio Taiwan International