Men more likely to make purchases via smartphone: poll

More men make online purchases with smartphones than women, according to a survey by mobile online shopping market place Shopee (????).

The survey said that 41 percent of men who placed goods into an online shopping cart using a smartphone went on to buy the items, whereas only 23 percent of women did so.

Shopee said the figures indicate men have generally decided what they want to buy before logging onto shopping sites, which is why they find it easier to make purchases.

In comparison, the online shopping market place said women tend to do more window shopping, prefer to make comparisons and are therefore more likely to change their minds after placing goods in an online shopping cart.

Shopee said that although men made about 20 percent fewer purchases than women online, the average value per purchase was about 35 percent higher.

Men shopping online in Taiwan like to buy products related to online gaming software such as toys and 3C goods, many of which carry a higher price tag, Shopee said, adding that at a time when e-commerce has become very popular in Taiwan, many men are attracted by the convenience of high-tech shopping.

According to the survey, men aged 18-35 shopping online prefer to buy gaming related toys, whereas men in the narrower 31-35 age group have a higher disposable income and like to buy sophisticated electronic devices as well as fashionable clothing and accessories.

To tap the purchasing power of online male shoppers, Shopee said it will launch a promotion from Oct. 11-15, selling HTC Re mini cameras, Audio-Technica headphones and G-Shock leisure watches.

Shopee said that during the five day promotion, shoppers will receive a 40 percent discount on those products if they make purchases at exactly 12 p.m and 6 p.m.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel