MOFA thanks like-minded partners for backing Taiwan’s WHO participation

The staunch support of like-minded partners for Taiwan's participation in the activities, mechanisms and meetings of the World Health Organization is deeply appreciated by the people and government, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs May 11.

One day before, the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei posted a message on its official Facebook account stating that the North American country consistently backs Taiwan's meaningful participation in international multilateral gatherings such as the 72nd World Health Assembly running May 20-28 in Geneva.

Taiwan's presence in the governing body of the WHO facilitates important contributions to the global public good, the office said, adding that health issues transcend national boundaries and discussions involving all parties are for the best.

On the same day, the French Office in Taipei commended the country's achievements in promoting global public health. Taiwan's contributions benefit the international community and France stands with its partner countries in supporting Taiwan's WHA participation.

Similar sentiments were expressed by a spokesperson for the EU, who said Taiwan's WHO participation should be welcomed as it is in the interests of the EU and the entire world. And two days before in Germany during a parliamentary interpellation session, Sabine Weiss�state secretary of the German Federal Ministry of Health�backed Taiwan's meaningful WHA participation.

This spirit of support was contained in a May 10 letter signed by 55 Czech lawmakers and a May 3 letter by Secretary of the Italian Senate Lucio Malan to WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, as well as an April 29 statement by 51 members of the Peru Congress.

According to the MOFA, such strong support demonstrates that a virtuous country like Taiwan is never alone, and underscores the need for Taiwan's inclusion in the global disease prevention network.

In the face of unreasonable political interference, the country is even more determined to take part in international medical cooperation and demonstrate how Taiwan Can Help realize the WHO's goal of Health for All, the MOFA said.

Source: Taiwan Today