Police commander mourns “Dabwichai” by planting 3 million trees

Sisaket, Police Commander expresses his deepest condolences to Dabwichai, a model police officer who inspired environmental conservation for the villagers. and the next generation Planted more than 3 million trees. Died at the age of 77.

Today (28 November 2023) Police General Torsak Sukwimon, National Police Commander (Commander) has assigned Pol. Maj. Gen. Phitsanu Atthu, commander of the Sisaket Provincial Police. Representing the wreath and money to make merit with the family of Police Lieutenant Colonel Wichai Suriyut or Dabwichai, who died at the age of 77 in his hometown in Sisaket Province. Last night, November 25, 2023, amidst the family's grief. including fellow police officers and Thai people In connection with his passing this time, in addition, the commander of the Sisaket Provincial Police, representing Pol. Lt. Gen. Thakur Nattheesri, the commander of Provincial Police Region 3, presented a wreath and Pol. Lt. Col. Itthiphon Kris Sawang, Deputy Superintendent of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Superintendent of Prang Ku Police Station, presented a wreath on behalf of Prang Ku Police Station.

In addition, at 4:00 p.m., Sisaket Provincial Police Commander Participated in the royal bathing ceremony with Mr. Anupong Suksomnit, Governor of Sisaket Province, presiding.

Police Lieutenant Wichai Suriyut or Dabwichai is considered a precursor to another police officer who is a model of environmental conservation for the villagers. and the next generation Be aware of the forest and planting forests for the community

As for Dabwichai, he was raised as the tree planter of Ban Prang Ku, Sisaket Province, by dedicating his energy and goodwill to society since 1988. The villagers of Prang Ku District are accustomed to the image of a man holding a bag of fertilizer, a hoe or a pickaxe, bending down. Dig the ground and plant trees, including rubber trees, macadamia trees, cassia trees, and neem trees, along the main road. Along the newly dug pond At the top of the rice fields of the villagers Over the years, he has planted millions of trees. Later, mixed farming was promoted to the villagers. with a variety of plant species From annual plants, garden plants, to perennial plants that are useful. And more villagers are turning to farming in this way, such as Samrong Prasat Subdistrict and Tum Subdistrict. In addition, Dabwichai also serves to train youth. As a lecturer for various agencies, applying Buddhist principles Both about planting trees Preserve the environment for the community and campaigning about the dangers of drugs as well.-412 .

Source: Thai News Agency