Premier ‘not jumping the gun’ on same-sex marriage law

Premier Lin Chuan says the government will not jump the gun on same-sex marriage legislation. The premier was speaking Friday.

Taiwan's Constitutional Court issued a landmark ruling in favor of same-sex marriage on Wednesday. The court's justices found the Civil Code's lack of protections for same-sex couples unconstitutional. The justices gave lawmakers two years to enact appropriate legislation for same-sex marriage. The Cabinet has appointed secretary-general Chen Mei-ling, a legal expert, to coordinate between various government departments.

Premier Lin explained why the Cabinet has yet to decide whether to change the Civil Code or to create a special law for same-sex couples.

That's mostly because [we have to] consider that the whole system will change in the future. Besides revising the Civil Code, the matter also involves how to make same-sex marriages free of discrimination and possibly other legal changes too. Therefore, the secretary-general needs all government agencies to tell her [their] issues. Before that, we are not going to jump the gun. Problems must be clarified first, then we'll see how to handle legal matters technically," said Lin.

Source: Radio Taiwan International