Puppetry performance showcases Taiwan’s culture at Bangkok book fair

Bangkok, April 6 (CNA) Taiwan's half-century old Sheng Ping Troupe Company performed a puppetry show at this year's Bangkok International Book Fair on Friday to delight visitors with a traditional Taiwanese form of entertainment.

The performance took place at the Taiwan pavilion, themed "Tai-Thai Reading," and told a story about the repercussions of human beings' destruction of the environment.

The puppet show was accompanied by live music from traditional Chinese instruments, such as the suona (a Chinese double-reed woodwind instrument), erhu (sometimes known as the Chinese two-stringed fiddle), and a gong.

While not everyone in the audience understood the words spoken, the performance captivated them, allowing them to understand Taiwan's culture through the movement of the puppets, said Taiwanese lawmaker Kuan Bi-ling (???), who attended the fair.

At the conclusion of the performance, the troupe invited Thai children up to the stage to take a go at handling the puppets. Unlike Thai puppets, which are larger than their Taiwanese equivalent and require two to three people to maneuver, these puppets are smaller, easily fitting on one hand each.

Kuan said that this has been a successful fair in how it has promoted exchanges between the people of Taiwan and Thailand through technology, art and culture.

The Taiwan pavilion at the fair, which takes place at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok and runs from March 29 to April 8, also features over 1,000 publications, screening of 11 Taiwanese films, and other folk art and dance performances.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel