Replaced Galaxy Note 7 explodes in Taiwan: report

A replacement model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone exploded in Taiwan on Friday while its user was walking her dog in a park, local newspaper Apple Daily reported on Saturday.

According to the report, a 26-year-old woman surnamed Lai was walking her dog in a park in Taipei when she realized smoke was spewing from her replacement Note 7, which Lai said she had picked up just 10 days ago.

Lai said she quickly pulled the phone from her jeans pocket and threw it on the ground, then waited until the smoke cleared before picking the phone up and taking it back to her workplace in her phone case, the report said.

Apple Daily cited the woman as saying that she heard a "bang" before feeling heat on her buttocks and seeing a lot of white smoke billowing from the phone after taking it out of her pocket.

The woman said she purchased a Galaxy Note 7 in August this year, and exchanged the phone for a replacement model on Sept. 27 after seeing TV reports suggesting that the Note 7 could explode, according to the article.

In a statement issued Saturday, Samsung Taiwan said it was trying to reach the customer and hoped to recall the product and further clarify the cause of the incident.

It said it could not confirm if the phone was a replacement model without looking into the matter.

The incident came just two days after an alleged replacement model of the Note 7 began smoking aboard a Southwest Airlines in the United States on Wednesday, leading the airline to evacuate passengers on the plane.

Taiwan's Consumers' Foundation urged Samsung Taiwan on Saturday to suspend all sales and replacements of the new Galaxy Note 7, because continuing to distribute the model would be like "sending bombs to consumers."

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel