Taipei residents urged to store water as supply may be suspended

The Taipei Water Department urged people Tuesday afternoon to store water as early as possible because the turbidity of the city's water sources has risen under the influence of a powerful typhoon that will make it difficult to purify.

The nephelometric turbidity unit (NTU) of water at its source has risen above the 12,000 mark, which means the government-run water company will no longer draw water to treat and supply to customers, the department announced just after 2 p.m.

It said that households on the first floor of buildings that directly get their water from underground water pipes (instead of from a water tank on the top of buildings) would likely have their water supply cut off within two hours.

NTU levels over 12,000 make it much harder for treatment plants to purify the water, which can result in a reduction of the water pumping pressure and lead to temporary water shortages, the department said.

The department provides water to 3.94 million people in Taipei and parts of neighboring New Taipei.

Though central and eastern Taiwan have been the parts of the country hardest hit by Typhoon Megi on Tuesday, Taipei has also been pounded by the storm's powerful gusts and heavy rains.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel