Yates: Taiwan should build ties with US NGOs

Former White House official Stephen Yates says that Taiwan needs to boost ties with the private sector in the US. Yates was speaking on Sunday at the annual World Taiwanese Congress.

Yates is the chairperson of the US state of Idaho's Republican Party, and served as former US Vice President Dick Cheney's national security advisor.

Yates spoke at the meeting about the prospects for US-Taiwan ties under the Donald Trump presidency. Yates said that with Trump promoting an America First policy, he is likely to view every interaction initially as a negotiation, but that the results of the negotiation may then be improved or adjusted. He said that Trump likes to make his opponents feel ill at ease and unsure of his next step.

According to Yates, Taiwan-US relations present three opportunities at the moment � in the areas of trade, defense and international space. He said that when it comes to trade, Taiwan has the opportunity to create a brand-new trade relationship with the US. But he said the Taiwan government needs to think about what kind of changes it wants to see and how much political capital it is willing to invest.

As for international space, Yates said that he supported Taiwan's participation in the WHA and other UN organizations. But he said Taiwan also needs to be more creative in building bridges with states, political party leaders, and organizations that are pushing issues of interest to Taiwan.

Source: Radio Taiwan International