Advise the Assistant Minister to reduce the wall Do not divide into parties to solve people’s problems.

Government House, The Prime Minister gives the assistant minister's work policy. Advice not to divide into political parties Let's lower the walls and talk to each other to solve people's problems. Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chaired the meeting to deliver policy to the Assistant Minister's Committee saying that it is a good opportunity to meet today. Everyone is already familiar with each other's faces. On the occasion of the first time that the Assistant Minister has been appointed as a member of the Assistant Minister Committee in the current government. This is an important position that requires knowledge, ability and experience. Come drive important government work To achieve concrete results He is happy to work with everyone. and the government has short-term policies to stimulate spending. Drive the economy To urgently fix it for the people Create opportunities to create income and reduce inequality. 'I expect everyone sitting here to help restore it. Solve problems o f every dimension. I want everyone to help each other, dedicate themselves and meet together continuously. Each person is probably familiar with each other in the political field. Everyone comes from different parties. But today we are in the government together. Please do not discriminate between which party you are from,' the Prime Minister said. The Prime Minister said that when everyone comes together to informally talk about many matters, we can help each other, such as the Assistant Minister responsible for the Ministry of Wealth. There may be overlapping duties with the Ministry of Agriculture. So I want to talk to you. Even from different political parties Let's lower the walls so we can talk. I want everyone to talk because this government must work together for another 3 and a half years. which is a long period of time Enough to help each other and talk to each other. I would like to leave everyone with this. Source: Thai News Agency