Democrat Party prepares to propose solutions Corrections Act

Parliament, "Jurin" points out the case of "Angel Prisoners" adding to the government's decline. Ask the people, what do they get from a government that has no significant results? Prepare to propose a solution. The Corrections Act allows an independent committee to decide on sentence reductions and suspensions on behalf of the Corrections Committee. Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, list of MPs Former leader of the Democrat Party Referring to the suspension of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra's sentence, he said that the "angel prisoner" case will become a point of aggravation of the government's decline. combined with the fact that there is no tangible work Especially when the case of the Angel Prisoner occurred. Which Thai people know well that Prisoner of Angels cannot happen. If the government doesn't understand From the level of the Prime Minister to officials 'Therefore, there is a question today that the angel prisoners have received the benefits they desired. But have the people received anything substantial from the government yet? The worst case of Prisoner of Angels is that it sends a signal from the government to the people. Make people understand that cheating is good. This will be a "stigma" attached to this government or the Settha government forever," Mr. Jurin said. Mr. Jurin said that for the Democrat Party to have a resolution to propose a bill to amend the Corrections Act of 2017, providing that sentence reductions and suspensions must be passed through an independent committee and the courts. It is not just using the power of the Corrections Committee within the Department of Corrections and the Ministry of Justice as it is today. In order to strengthen the justice process and make the enforcement of judgments more sacred. according to the intent of the justice process As for many people criticizing that there will be two prime ministers after Mr. Thaksin receives a suspension, Mr. Jurin said that there have been two since the government was established. Most importantly, be careful not to let 3 people over whelm the Khmer. Source: Thai News Agency