It was a mistake that the officials didn’t talk to each other.

Government House, Capt. Thammanat explains after discussing with the Prime Minister the issue of land in Khao Yai ALRO. Confirming that it is not political It's a mistake in working. Because we didn't talk. Will take legal action if they are not real farmers. Capt. Thammanat Prompao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives along with Mr. Winaroj Subsongsuk, Secretary-General of the Agricultural Land Reform Office Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (ALRO) and Mr. Chatuporn Buruspat, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Statement after discussion with Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. Capt. Thammanat said that today the Prime Minister has coordinated with relevant agencies to discuss issues arising in the area of ??Moo Si Subdistrict, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. As minister overseeing the Land Reform Office Confirming as announced yesterday (20 Feb.), the area where the dispute occurred will not be debated as to which age ncy's responsibility it is. The Prime Minister has instructed the Royal Thai Survey Department to move forward with creating a state boundary zone, known as One Maps. Currently, the Royal Thai Survey Department has promised that it will take approximately 3 weeks to verify the area. 'The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture Here is an agreement between the Land Reform Office and the National Parks Department that if it is proven to be a land reform area. Which according to the original evidence from 1984 - 1991 was a land reform area. But when a dispute arose because it was a buffer zone I, as chairman of the Land Reform Committee Will issue a policy that the following areas are buffer zones. or areas that are adjacent to each other We will absolutely not provide for our fellow farmers to make a living. As for the problem area I have given the policy to cancel all plots that have been surveyed and issue a document of title Sor.Lor.Kor. 4-01 to farmers if they can prov e that they are real farmers or not. We will set up a fact-finding committee. If there is any basis, serious disciplinary action will be taken and criminal proceedings will be initiated. But initially, the secretary ALRO has issued an order to cancel it all,' said the Minister of Agriculture. Capt. Thammanat said that as for future work guidelines, there will be a memorandum of agreement between the two agencies, the Land Reform Office and the National Parks Department, no matter what actions are taken. Allocating land to fellow farmers requires a concrete committee. which will be given to the Provincial Land Reform Committee with every agency included in it, all 9 agencies came to be on the committee. To achieve transparency 'Whatever the problem is, I don't want to blame the previous government. But the survey began on July 5, 2023, before this government came in. Therefore, what I am solving is to clean my house neatly while making it beneficial to the people. Then this problem occurred. It is a problem that the Ministry of Agriculture must solve and because we are the same government and the ministers from both ministries come from the same party. I don't want the people to understand that this is a political matter. Confirming that the matter is not a political issue, but is a mistake in work that was not discussed. If we talk, there won't be a problem. Permanent secretaries of both ministries must talk to each other. Drive to solve problems together But at the same time, there is a central committee, the Royal Thai Survey Department, that will solve this problem,' Capt. Thammanat said. 'I have already given orders to check the accuracy. Most importantly, you must have a subconscious mind. that it is a forest condition So how do you arrange it? This is important. that I don't agree with After I went to the area and saw the condition, it should not be allocated to farmers. In this matter, I will definitely set up a committee to investigate and when there is evidence that it is wrong, there will be prosecut ion. However, for the area where the dispute occurred. If it is an area of ??the ALRO, it will be created as a community forest to preserve the forest,' said the Minister of Agriculture. Mr. Chatuporn Buruspat, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Wealth, said that in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Emphasis is placed on implementing legal principles first. After this, the operation required a committee to go and survey the area. By the Department of Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation All surveys will be carried out in the area where the SSO has been issued. Which will look at everything to see which parts have problems. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment confirms everything according to the law, facts and science. As for the case of transferring ALRO officials Nakhon Ratchasima, 6 people left the area. Mr. Winarot Sapsongsuk, secretary-general of the Agricultural Land Reform Office (ALRO), said that in the case of problems with transparency in work A fact-finding com mittee must be established. This case concerns officials of the Nakhon Ratchasima ALRO. Therefore had to move out of the area. All for transparency and ensure that the investigation is fair. Source: Thai News Agency