Urges the government to expedite the cost of tickets to the Andamans.

Parliament, Bhumjaithai MP Complain about expensive plane tickets to Andaman Affecting tourists - temples without people making merit Villagers had to flee to catch a flight at Surat-Nakhon. Because it's cheaper Appeal to the government to solve the problem of foreign tourists staying for a long time, competing for Thai people's jobs. Mr. Saritphong Khueang, Krabi MP, Bhumjaithai Party along with MPs from the southern region on the Andaman coast Bhumjai Thai Party Statement regarding the problem of airplane ticket prices to southern provinces on the Andaman coast being too expensive: Such a problem The Bhumjaithai Party has already posted a question to the government. And thank you Mr. Suriya Therefore, Rungruangkit Minister of Transport who invited the Civil Aviation Authority to discuss But the Civil Aviation Authority likely gave an incorrect answer. Because current tickets are still expensive. causing the people of the south to be affected 'The Prime Minister himself admits that Tickets are more expensi ve than the price of traveling abroad. The situation before COVID-19 Ticket prices are cheaper than today. Currently, tickets go to Krabi, Phang Nga, Satun or Trang on the Andaman side. People in the South do not return to their hometowns. and people do not attend merit-making events Because the ticket is expensive The incident thus becomes an obstacle to attracting tourists. This is the government's policy to stimulate the economy. Including the price is not fair, for example the ticket price from Krabi to Chiang Mai is 2,000 baht but the price from Chiang Mai to Krabi is 6,000 baht, thus putting Krabi province at a disadvantage and people from Krabi or Phuket drive to catch a flight at Surat or Nakhon Si Thammarat. Because the tickets are cheaper,' Mr. Saritphong said. Mr. Saritphong said that he would like the relevant agencies to stop using the method of claiming that if they want a cheap ticket, they must book 2-3 months in advance because they previously provided low-cost airlines. Come do business in Thailand There was a price cut that caused domestic bus companies and bus operators to be affected. along with noting this expensive ticket Is the state providing benefits to capitalists? Therefore, we ask the people to help push forward this problem. Mr. Saritphong also expressed concern after more tourists came to travel. But the airline hasn't increased flights. Especially now There were Russian tourists fleeing the war. Come live your life and travel in Thailand. There are also Chinese, Italian, etc. tourists coming to travel in Thailand. All hotels are full. But airlines do not increase flights. Therefore making it more expensive than in the past. It's as if it's profiteering during COVID-19. 'There are foreigners who come to stay in Thailand. Come into occupations that are reserved by law only for Thai people to pursue occupations such as barber shops, restaurants by using agents. or nominate a Thai person to register on your behalf Therefore causing the problem of competing for jobs among Thai people . This may cause Thai people to be robbed of their careers in the future. And there are foreigners joining together to form influential groups to operate hotels. and involved in drugs We therefore request that the government hasten to solve the problem from the beginning,' Mr. Saritphong said. Source: Thai News Agency