Villagers are happy that the government will step in to solve the problem of informal debt.

Khon Kaen, After the government announced that solving informal debt is a national agenda. A news team went to the area to survey villagers' opinions. Mueang Khon Kaen District They were happy that the government would come in and help solve the problem.

Villagers in the area of Khok Si Subdistrict, Mueang Khon Kaen District, around the fresh market, where there are many merchants who need money to circulate, are looking to buy products to sell. Using informal loan services, for example, Ms. Sun, a chicken seller, said she was discouraged and tired of being burdened with debt. Currently, there are 3 creditors outside the system who have borrowed 10,000 baht each and have to pay back 300 baht per day. In total, they have to earn 900 baht per day to repay the debt in a situation where their sales are not good. Especially this year, sales have always been less. which before coming to sell at the market Driving to sell in the villages Glad to know that the government will come to solve this problem.

As for Baan Ling Many families are loan sharks outside the system. Many say that no one is not happy that the government will help them in this matter. Because they were in a lot of trouble with each other. But it will solve the problem in a sustainable way. The economy must be good. Agricultural products can be sold at reasonable prices. It will make the villagers have enough income.

While some people say I want everyone to create discipline. Otherwise, the debt can be solved. will return to the informal debt cycle again and there should be a community work system Take care of your career individually To be able to stand on your own feet It's better than waiting for government assistance.

Accelerate the drive to solve the problem of informal debt. Samut Songkhram Province

As for Samut Songkhram Province Mr. Sirisak Sirimangkala, Deputy Governor of Samut Songkhram Province along with related agencies Attended the meeting of the Steering Committee for Solving the Problem of Informal Debt Problems in Samut Songkhram Province. Give to the Damrongdham Center It is a provincial-level informal debt resolution center. and have each district establish a center to facilitate the resolution of informal debt problems. Currently, officials are fully prepared to receive registration from the public. In the past, people have continually come to complain to the Damrongtham Center for assistance with debts outside the system. An average of 2-3 people per week, most of whom are in debt for household expenses during the economic downturn. Maximum debt amount in the hundreds of thousands It will be given to debtors outside the system who wish to receive assistance. or allow the government to solve the problem You can register to receive assistance starting December 1 at the informal debt resolution centers in every district.

Source: Thai News Agency